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His work does not only cover mechanical puzzles, so also check out these links:

Exposition in Marseille/Mecénès du Sud

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Espace Uhoda/Liège


Graffiti Royal
Sozyone Gonzalez - Bruno Brunet - Frédéric Platéus - Shake Santini

The Art of Frédéric Platéus - or: What Fréd did to me :)

It was a nice winter day in 2008. I read a forum request of Frédéric Platéus searching for somebody to take some pictures together with his puzzle collection. Unfortunately we had missed each other at the Dutch Cube Day 2007, where Frédéric presented his very attractive puzzle designs. But now we came in contact and so we arranged a small photo session. On March, 11th 2008 he visited me together with his friend Silvio, a photographer from Paris.

Silvio and Frédéric

They made a couple of pictures and finally I got this announcement:

Well, Fréd is an artist he had made some "rearrangements" to the pictures taken:

As you can see, I was not alone with my fate:

It even happened to Ernö Rubik:



Frédéric had shown me his concept before, so I was not really surprised when I saw the result.

Of course also his own puzzle creations were part of the exhibition: