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It was in winter 2006, when I surprisingly got a parcel from Adam Zamora. I had bought some puzzles from him before, but at that time I wasn't expecting anything. So I was surprised - and honoured!! - to be the initial receiver of a very nice idea: the "Cube on Tour".

The parcel contained a diary, several pens and a Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube. Adam's introduction in the diary explained, that he didn't have the money to travel around the world. So he hoped, his cube would do this for him, collecting a lot of nice entries in the diary.

I have to admit, it took until February 2007 for me to complete a photo session in Düsseldorf, where I'm living. I thought, if cannot show the city to Adam personally, I have to show it to his travelling, cubic representative.

Finally I had got everything together to put it into his book and write a small story. Then I sent it to the next recipient I chose. It was a lot of fun for me and I hope also for the next guys.

In May 2009 I got an email from Adam, that his cube iis still on tour. Very good news, after the cube seemed to be lost for a long time.

Walk through the old town of Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf's Königsallee, the "Kö" with many exciting and really expensive stores. The Düssel river separates the Kö into a the left and the right side.

The white building to the left is the "Schauspielhaus", an important modern theatre. In the evening it is illuminated in different colours.
Be careful to show your cube a glass of the famous "Alt" beer!

I was just taking a picture and then suddenly the glass was empty. But it was not only me being a little bit puzzled about the effect on the cube.

172 metres above the city
One of the most spectacular views over the city is possible from the "Rheinturm" at the level of the restaurant. Here it is possible to see the "media harbour" the old town and all the other beautiful locations.

The media harbour
No, not a camera problem! These houses have been designed by star architect Frank Gehry.

I have no idea where to get furniture for the interior. And must be a real challenge to hang a picture on the wall..
I think, the cube and I, we both enjoyed watching the "Flossis" in the media harbour (many TV and radio stations are located here) at one of the buildings.

By the way: a small, red copy of a Flossi is hanging at one of the walls in our living room.
Seeing the tables in the restaurant and smelling the nice food, we became hungry and returned back to the old town.

The Rhine and the old town
The Rhine is one of the largest rivers in Europe. In Düsseldorf the distance between the two riverbanks is between 500 to 600 metres.

Although the water is clean and more and more fish can be watched and fished, don't even think about swim from one to the other side because of the strong currents.
The old town is known as a very famous German pub, restaurant and party mile, named "Die längste Theke der Welt" (The world's longest counter).