2x2x2 Pillowed Cube


Puzzle Details

Weight: 100g
Size: edge length 4cm, side length at equator: 4.5cm

Dave's comment to the Pillowed and Inverted Cube:
"The ones you have are first run however, so that adds extra rarity for what it is worth. Both puzzles came from eight pours of that same single mold (one Inverted and one Pillowed corner in the mold) which was the very first silicone rubber I ever poured. Most mess up quite a bit when getting started but I was pretty proud to have a success on my first try and you have the results."

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2x2x2 Pillowed Cube
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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2x2x2 Pillowed and Inverted Cube
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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