Master Brilic


Puzzle Details

Weigth 442g, Edge length 4cm, Height 9cm.

The puzzle is of outstanding quality. But what else was to expect from Drew? In my opinion it turns better than it appears in the video. All pieces are very exact, so there is no difference in turning the scrambled puzzle compared to the solved state (sometimes puzzles are shown, that twist nicely, if turned from the solved state, but pieces don't fit properly when scrambled - not the case here!).

The best solving strategy:
- First, solve all centers like a Brilic.
You have more freedom, as you can turn the centers around without mixing
anything else up again.
- Then combine edge pieces to equally coloured triples as it can be done with
5x5x5 cubes or a Gigaminx.
- Solve it like a Megaminx.

Turning the outer layers can be tiring for the hands.
The construction is really stable, I had no popping pieces at all during my solve.
A very good design!!

There's just one issue: The golden stickers are an endangered species.
Some of the sticker corners already started peeling off, the material is different
from the other more flexible sticker foil.

A great puzzle!!!

External Links

TwistyPuzzles: Drewseph's Master Brilic

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