Wooden 3x3x4 Fully Functional Cuboid


Puzzle Details

Michael Scheider's original ebay auction text:

"I am so pleased to present my very first production of a Rubik's 3X3X4 puzzle! I have seen this design done couple of times but all from Rubik's mods. I decided to design my own original parts to produce a fully functional puzzle that moves on all layers, has uniform cubies the same size as a standard cube and each cubie is a solid part built around a 3X3 kernel. The resulting puzzle is an excellent design that is fully functional and completely designed by me. All the parts have been cut from solid pine, then hand sanded and fitted for the best motion and fit. The design still needs improvement but building this one was essential for me to realize where to make the design changes. It's sort of my "prototype". But it's definitely good enough to be used. On this one,turning layers 2 and 3 against one another can sometimes snag on the passing cubies so you have to turn it slow and keep a good grip on the two halves. I will try to resolve this on my next attempt. All the other layers, both on the long sides and short sides move very smoothly. Its an awesome puzzle for collectors who not only enjoy the cubes appearance but the internal mechanism designs that make them work! It should be considered a fragile piece with some of the internal parts being as thin as 3/16ths of an inch but it is durable enough to be used and solved if handled correctly. NEVER drop or force it as this will most certainly break it!
I finished this puzzle with a mahagony stain because it has a super wood grain that looks beautiful and then I sealed it with three coats of varnish. I've applied stickers using two sets of genuine Rubik's replacement stickers. It's dimensions measure 2.25 X 2.25 X 3 and each piece with the exception of the internal center piece is completely custom made."

Indeed the puzzle is of extraordinary quality. Although it should be twisted more carefully as a plastic version, it can be played with well. See detail pictures for the internal mechanism.

Size: 5.7 x 5.7 x 7.7 cm

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Wooden 3x3x4 Cuboid (5)
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Wooden 3x3x4 Cuboid - internals
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Wooden 3x3x4 Cuboid - pieces
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Wooden puzzles - family picture
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