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This puzzle is a unique handmade design. It is based on a (Chinese?) Megaminx core. The Pyramid Scheme is a shape modification of this puzzle as the Hexaminx. While Tony Fishers's Hexaminx consists of unique pieces (regarding both shape and colour), the Pyramid Scheme has two triples of identical pieces of each colour, so overall eight triples. All of these puzzle pieces are (originally) edge pieces. This can probably lead to parity issues (haven't had so far, might be a lucky solve).
Each of the coloured sides has a equilateral triangle piece. It is in the center of a coloured side, created from a Megaminx corner piece. Thus, the corner orientation parity might look "wrong", but this is caused by such a turned triangle.

Using a Megaminx Knockoff as a core has the effect, that - different from Tony's Hexaminx - the Pyramid Scheme twists into preferred locations after each 360/5 degree turn. You can see and even hear that on Matt's video (see link below). This makes the turns not so smoth as with the Hexaminx, but helps a lot on the other hand to reach a valid state after each turn. This is quite helpful, since the bulky puzzle pieces would be quite difficult to adjust otherwise.

Remarkable is, that probably because of its pillow shape and the different weights of the single pieces, the Pyramid Scheme doesn't want to stand on the center of one of the sides (that would be the small rectangle pieces) but prefers to rollover to nearly a position on one of the edges. This is also the expected setup for its box, which was intentionally created with limited height, so that it can only be put inside in this position.

The inscription on the box base plate reads:

The Pyramid Scheme
1/1, hand made
- 2009 -

Puzzle weight: 151g
Size: edge length 9cm

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Pyramid Scheme
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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Pyramid Scheme (2)
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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Pyramid Scheme with box and signature
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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Pyramid Scheme, one layer twisted
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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Pyramid Scheme - slightly twisted
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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Pyramid Scheme - slightly twisted (2)
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Pyramid Scheme in box
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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