Wooden 3x3x3 Rubiks Barrel


Puzzle Details

This is a custom wood fabrications of the Rubiks Cube 3X3X3 puzzle.

From the original ebay auction (#300304753378) description:
"[...] It's been machined from solid oak. Each piece was individually crafted, hand fitted, sanded, stained and varnished. I've also affixed a set of Cubesmith replacement stickers which I modified by removing a portion to show the wood beneath.
The puzzle is fully functional and moves very smooth. The fit is good, a little tough getting the angles perfect but it's very close. I used a warm pine stain to bring out the woods grain and finished it with three coats of clear varnish to seal each surface making the finish super durable. It's made to the same size and specifications of the original Rubiks and each piece with the exception of the internal center piece is completely custom made. All of my puzzles are one of a kind. I never duplicate any puzzle I make so the owner is guaranteed to have an original. [...]"

Same as the cushion cube this puzzle turns perfectly. A very extraordinary touch make the only outlined stickers. They leave much more room to show the original wood grain.

Weight: 80g
Size: common cube size 5.7cm^3

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