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The Button Cube was created by Tim Selkirk in 2008.
I was lucky and he sent it to me to present it at the Dutch Cube Day 2008 for him. The interest in this mechanism was high, many puzzlers tested the cube. Tim still sees the puzzle provided as a prototype, although the overall mechanism is working already very well.
I had the chance to play with the puzzle a couple of days. The six buttons, which are bandaging the cube make it not only difficult to scramble the cube, but even more to solve it afterwards. Although it will be only a question of time, I didn't solve it completely and Tim told me he didn't either before.

Overall a very intelligent and attractive puzzle. I have my problems with bandaged puzzles in general, but the Button Cube seems to be a compromise offering an option to move the locks to a different location.

Update [April 2009]:
With the V2 there is now a very well built and exact working puzzle available. Not at all that V1 was working poor, but the buttons of the new version are turning definitely better. Additionally Tim decided to use textured Cubesmith stickers, which give the puzzle an overall perfect finish. Meanwhile I managed to solve it.

[Frank Tiex]

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Button Cube V2 (1)
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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Button Cube V2 (2)
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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Button Cube V2 - mechanism detail
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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Button Cube V2 after two simple moves
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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Button Cube V2 - mixed up
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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