3x3x3 Hollow Cube


Puzzle Details

Weight: 43g
Size: edge length 6cm
Material : Nylon, 3D-printed by Shapeways

The Hollow Cube is a minimalisitc design reducing the Cube to the mechanism and its outlined pieces. It does not use the original Rubik mechanism but can be understood as a Void Cube with hollow pieces.

It comes from Shapeways as set of single pieces, which have to be built together by yourself, or contact Oskar to receive an assembled one. The centers are consisting of an inner and an outer frame, which have be glued together to complete the puzzle.

The mechanism works fine and the overall movement is good although in the beginning it was quite stiff. While playing with it some small pieces of the inner rings fell of through the holes of the outer bearings. I don't know exactly where they had been belonging to and as the puzzle was already glued together completely, I didn't check. Anyway it wasn't a problem, but an improvement as the puzzle can be twisted much better now.
One thing has to be considered in the design: the puzzle pieces have quite sharp edges. If they were rounded a little bit more, it might make more fun to play, although the strict geometric style gets lost.

The stickers can be ordered from Dr. Sticker (http://www.dr-sticker.com). This is advisable as it is very tiring to cut out these small 1mm frames manually. Price: $6 per set.

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3x3x3 Hollow Cube, slightly twisted
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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