Tony Fisher's Golden Cube made by Meffert


Puzzle Details

Weight: 311g
Size: edge length 8cm

The Meffert version of the Golden Cube differs in some details from the original version.
(1) the puzzle is a little bit larger than the original
(2) the piece (and the ones around) which has the engraving "Tony Fisher's Golden Cube" has been extended at the upper end a little bit more sthat it is visible also on the adjacent surface. From my point of view this is a significant solving hint.
(3) as Tony mentioned already, the piece which was originally an equilateral triangular piece doesn't fit exactly anymore.
(4) Of course the imprinted letters on two of the pieces give a first hint on position and orientation.

Although the puzzles are of really high quality, I personally think, that changes in (2) and (4) are significant to ease the way to the solution of the puzzle.

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Gold, Silver, Bronce GCs
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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The three GCs
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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Like a Peruvian stone wall ..
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Master and Servants
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