Holey Megaminx


Puzzle Details

The first Holey Megaminx was created by Lee Tutt 2008 and presented first the TwistyPuzzles.com forum in Sat Feb 23, 2008. While the original puzzle consists of individual puzzle pieces, Mèffert's rebuild has an internal skeleton and pieces turn around these internal rings. So the commercial HM is really different from the original. You can see the difference when turning a side of Mèffert's HM: the internal skeleton keeps static inside.

Weight: 124..127g
Size: Height 6.8cm, pentagon edge length 3cm - identical to original Megaminx

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Twisty Puzzles: Holey Megaminx

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White and black Holey Megaminxes
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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HMs together with original
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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