Puzzle Details

Together with the PyraStar Mèffert released the PyraDiamond in August 2009.
It is the simplest thinkable shape as a 2x2x2 variation as each piece is just a triangle, which
transforms the puzzle from a cube to an octahedron.

Although the puzzle comes lubed and it also has an improved mechanism with small balls clicking, if the pieces are in place, it is quite stiff and not very easy to twist. This might partly be caused by its shape, which makes it not so very easy to handle.
An additional lubing with silicon helped, but it is still not perfect.

The puzzle is also known as Okki Gem and exists also with different sticker variations.

Weight: 53g
Size: Edge length 5cm (piece edge length 4.9cm), height 4.4cm

All Pictures

PyraDiamond (1)
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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PyraDiamond (2)
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
1024x681 pixels / 171774 Bytes
PyraDiamond and PyraStar
Picture provided by Frank Tiex
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