Touchdown Football


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Weight with stand: 352g
Size: length 15cm, diameter 9.2cm

Taken from the ebay auction description:

"Emphasizing the mathematical, strategic side of America's sports passion, Touchdown Football requires players to move the star-studded "football" sphere from one end zone to another. This maneuver is challenging enough, but try doing so while maintaining the numerical positions of eleven "players" on either side. Touchdown Football enhances dexterity, reasoning, patience, and categorization skills. Includes display stand. For one or more players, age six through adult. Measures approximately 3 1/4" in diameter x 6" long. Instructions included.

Touchdown is composed of two teams of 11 players each, one football, and one open chamber slot (end zone) With six rotating dials formed around the football. The white end zones must remain stationary. Included in this game are three progressively challenging games. Game one, can be accomplished by players of all ages. Game 2 is more difficult, and game 3 is Mind Boggling."

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