This is so far the only part of my website in English. It is dedicated to my old and new hobby: twisty puzzles. On the pages here you can find an overview on my collection and related stuff as well as f hopefully other useful links.

The core part is the Puzzle Library. Here you get the option to add and edit information on available puzzles and upload pictures yourself. To avoid, that these information is destroyed by anonymous visitors, it is protected by a user ID with password. You will not get the access directly after the registration, but have to wait until I personally gave you the access. Sorry for this inconvenience.

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My Collection

Compy Cube

Coll. Weight: 148.739 kg

How to solve
a Skewb

Uwe Mèffert's

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Jerry Slocum (2009)

ISBN-13 978-1-57912-805-0
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3-D printed puzzles

Collection: Frank Tiex

Phony Baloney
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Gear Skewb

2x3x4 Fully Functional Cuboid
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Bandaged Megaminx
Custom Puzzles: Tony Fisher

Truncated Octaminx
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3x3x3 Electronic Luminated Cube
Evil Twin variations

2x3x6 Cuboid "The Monolith"

2x2x2 Star Wars Characters Puzzles
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Skewb Diamond
Wooden Puzzles

Crystal 2
Yang Ho Lee
House Cube
Juan Antonio Muñoz Frias
Case Cube
Vladimir Krasnoukhov
Curly Cube
Paul Williams
3x3x3 Borg Cube
Chilen Chen
Chilen Cube