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"The Cube"
by Jerry Slocum (2009)

A detailed explanation on how to solve the cube, interesting details about the history of the cube and lot of details on custom built puzzles and their builders. I'm proud to mention, that some of the pictures inside are from me.

ISBN-13: 978-1-57912-805-0

This is so far the only part of my website in English. It is dedicated to my old and new hobby: twisty puzzles. On the pages here you can find an overview on my collection and a list of hopefully useful links to other sites.

The core part is the Puzzle Library. Here you get the option to add and edit information on available puzzles and upload pictures yourself. To avoid, that these information is destroyed by anonymous visitors, it is protected by a user ID with password. You will not get the access directly after the registration, but have to wait until I personally gave you the access. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Currently the Puzzle Library contains information about 808 puzzles with 4326 pictures.

I hope it is a valuable and helpful site to keep dates and details on all the items created in the near and former past. Everybody's invited to add new puzzles, content and pictures.

Due to some illegal copy actions regarding some custom puzzles, which might also be supported by larger scale pictures of these puzzles, I decided to remove the links to all high res pictures in the public area. I want to support and encourage creativity whereever possible, so of course I will do my part to help keeping secure puzzle details. All information is still available inside the lib, where I have full control, who gets access.

As you may have noticed already I added a selection box at the left side, where you can see the puzzles of the database and all the pictures and detail information. To edit the content, it is still necessary to login.

- Frank -


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